Work Groups

In order to carry out its work, the action activities are carried out through four work groups. Each work group has its specific tasks, but interaction between all is an ongoing process. Three of the work groups look at specific aspects of SSH research evaluation, whilst a fourth is concerned with dissemination.

Work Group 1

Conceptual frameworks for SSH research evaluation

Leader: Dr Michael Ochsner

The objective of this Working Group is to further our understanding of the SSH knowledge production processes and strategies, as a basis for developing evaluation procedures that adequately reflect the research practices, goals and aims of the SSH scholars. The Working Group will tackle the dialectic issues of the potentials and drawbacks of (a) metric approaches and peer review; (b) international exchange and cooperation and the local rootedness of SSH; and (c) the need for interdisciplinary exchange and disciplinary expertise.

Work Group 2

Societal impact and relevance of the SSH research

Leader: Dr Paul Benneworth

The objective of this Working Group is to analyse the non-academic partnerships and environments of SSH research, in their diversity.

Work Group 3

Databases and uses of data for understanding SSH research

Leader: Dr Tim Engels

The main objective of this Working Group is to reflect upon the standardisation and the interoperability of current research information systems dedicated to the SSH research outcomes.

Work Group 4


Leader: Prof. Geoffrey Williams

The objective of this Working Group is to ensure a maximum visibility to Action, among specialists in research evaluation and sociology/ geography of sciences, as well as among political, societal or economic stakeholders and among SSH researchers themselves.